TB: Traits

So, what is a Trait, anyway?

A Trait's something that is, right now, memorable and interesting about a character. They sway the results of Trials. Traits also permit you, the player, to inject your influence into the narrative, in two opposing ways. They are a double-edged sword!

Imposing Influence

When you assign a Trait to a character, you are making a statement about him that is assumed true. Think about this for a while, you can do cool stuff with it.

Accumulating Influence

When someone observes you describing a character expressing one of his Traits, he will award you with a point of Fuel. It's okay for you to gently remind people that you're expressing a Trait, like by subtly giving key words in your narration extra emphasis. He doesn't take this from his own reserve; it just bursts into existence in your hands. This Fuel will permit you to generate Ordeals!


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