Torchbearer Playtest Raises Questions

So, my IRC playtest group has been fascinating, raising all kinds of useful rules questions. I thought I'd bring them over here and think about those questions for a while.

Who can get Fuel for referencing a Trait? When and how?
Well, as-written, you much be narrating for a character when you get Fuel, but it isn't clear what "narrating for a character" means, so here it is: You're eligible to get Fuel for a character Trait when you do one of the following things:
  • Narrate a character action that expresses the Trait.
  • Create an Ordeal that transparently involves a Trait, for instance by obviously requiring the character to exercise it.
  • Set Trial stakes that express a Trait.
  • Narrate a Trial result in which a Trait is expressed.
You only get Fuel once per Trait in a scene, though; you can't have someone call a character's name three times to get 3 Fuel.
When can you introduce a new Ordeal?
You can introduce a new Ordeal any time in a scene before the Trial is rolled. You absolutely cannot introduce new Ordeals after that; there is no mechanical input permitted post-Trial. You may embed an Ordeal in the stakes of a Conflict, such that the Ordeal takes place only in the case of victory, or only in the case of failure. In this case, you only have to pay for the Ordeal if it's actually inflicted.


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