Caesar Salad with Stuff

So, I've been craving some odd things lately: Caesar salad, corn, feta, mushrooms...

Turns out they taste pretty good together; I pan-fried the corn to get some colour on it, and threw in leftover fajita-style chicken and grilled portabella mushrooms, warmed it all up, and poured over Romaine with Caesar dressing and chunks of peppercorn feta.

In fact, this was delicious. Unfortunately the feta in the photo looks a little unappetizing.... The sweetness of the chicken and corn were a nice balance for the salty feta and unnameable meaty flavour of the mushroom—is that what they call umami? The slightly bitter greens and tangy dressing satisfied my other taste cravings excellently. One thing I'd change is to cube the feta smaller and maybe find a way to warm it up; it's just this side of overwhelming. I still have a little box of corn in the fridge, and I'm thinking of ways to use it up.

That thing on the right is whipped cream, a little too stiff, floating on Turkish coffee; ideally you get a little bit of fluffy cream and a bit of coffee in each sip, but the cream turned out to be too dense and I ended up thinning it out with skimmed milk and ice. It didn't really go with the salad even remotely, but I needed the caffeine.

So, here's to, hopefully, the end of this Raven hiatus. I'm gonna allow myself to blog on more stuff than just fiction and games from now on; it helps to keep my mind moving.


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