Future Torchbearer

I have a few things that I could write for Torchbearer right now, but I am not going to list them. Instead, I ask you, the readers, what stuff is missing from the prior posts, that you want to know about?


Anonymous Josh said...

I don't intend this to seem like continual nagging, but what I'm interested in is the finished project as a whole. Perhaps it is just disinterest in the game design process, but I don't find myself curious about the little pieces that are missing. I am curious about how you assemble them into a complete model.

9:19 am  
Blogger Ben said...

I would like to see a short listing of all the mechanical rules, and how they fit together, without necessarily any parts about what they are supposed to mean. Like a reference sheet that could be used in play.


2:42 pm  
Blogger Shreyas said...

Those two things are essentially the same thing at different scales. I'll put up the small thing presently, and expand it into the big thing.

3:33 pm  
Blogger JasonP said...

I agree. A 'whole' vision of the core mechanical play would let others give you better input I think.

6:10 pm  

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