New Posting Schedule

From now onwards, I'm adopting a twice-weekly posting schedule for Raven Swallows the Sun. Every Monday and Thursday, I'll post something, and once every week, I'll post some piece of game design. These weekly pieces will be on some recurring topic, and tagged as such.

Optional Saturday entries will introduce new topics.

In the event that I'm unable to post something on a mandatory posting day, as soon as the condition preventing me resolves itself, I'll post once each Saturday and twice on regular days until the backlog clears.

The current list of topics for weekly articles is as follows:

  • Mere Sapnon Ki Rani
  • Torchbearer
  • The Scarlet Lark setting for Torchbearer
  • Feneng vignettes for the Scarlet Lark
  • "Shreyas rants about games unproductively" will never be a weekly topic.


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