Refining UCS

Some refinements and clarifications from the RPGnet thread:


  • A simple damage success generates a -1 dot wound.
  • A difficult success generates a -2 dot wound.
  • A legendary success causes a -3 dot wound.

You may perform a "called shot" at a difficulty of the defender's Essence. A simple success causes a -1 dot wound; a difficult success causes a -1 dot wound to the Accuracy or Defence Attribute.

This makes it a little easier for high-end Exalted to wear down their inferiors to helplessness.

No, I Die!

When you suffer the consequences of defeat, you may choose to die. Describe the way you do so. Your consequences of victory occur, if this is possible (as when your goal is something like save Yuanyin's life or obtain the Green Destiny, and they do so in the most permanent fashion reasonable; if you obtained an item by dying, then twists of fate will keep that item in obscurity until your spark's next incarnation remembers your epic death and seeks it out.


For each damage success against an extra group, defeat one extra. This is just a cinematic thing; I think extras are a little too annoying to deal with in the default.

Ox-Body Technique & Healing

Radical changes ahoy! Since I don't have HLs, I can't use OBT to add those; instead, they'll have to be repaired some other way. Haven't figured out the details of this.

Anytime you would regain Willpower outside a conflict, you may recover your Essence in Ability dots, or one Attribute dot. I award stunts a lot, so this will probably work for me.


Clarification: An effect you obtain by stake-setting and winning a conflict can only be negated by defeating you in another conflict.

Other comments and questions are of course welcome.


Blogger szilard said...

Some thoughts:

How do Charms work? If they can add dots to a Focus, then damage on a 1-3 dot scale will become nearly meaningless.

Can you only choose to die if doing so fits with the stakes?

What about tying in the death/success with the use of virtues somehow? There seems to be a thematic link there... maybe you can shift the stakes to include your own death while at the same time invoking your virtues somehow.

Does damage actually hang around once the conflict is over? How does this affect your use of that ability outside of the conflict in which the damage was sustained? (Is their any use of abilities outside of conflicts? does UCS also do a Sorcerer-thing and cover conflicts with the environment?)

5:33 pm  
Blogger Shreyas said...

Charms are, as in the past, adding to dice pools either momentarily for instant Essence expenditure, or causing scene-long increases for commitment. I posted a thread about converting Solar dice manipulations here.

The earlier post describes recovery from injury.

Somewhere in the UCS thread we talked about representing environmental conflicts as virtual characters. I don't like it a ton, but there it is.

6:53 pm  
Blogger Shreyas said...

The earlier post? This one does.

7:06 pm  
Blogger szilard said...

I have trouble making sense of ability damage crossing between conflicts. If, say, some NPCs were to evade a character in a chase scene, that character might take some Athletics damage. Under this system, it makes that character less capable in Athletics-related stuff in the next scene. What purpose does this serve?

Would you lose anything by limiting damage to existing within a single conflict? Damage seems to be a incremental measure toward reaching the stakes set, and those stakes are limited to the conflict, so...

3:21 pm  

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