Torchbearer Cheat Sheet

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You assign your character five Traits, and then choose a Conflict from among those offered to you; its Importance is 7.


Make approximately n+2 Torches. A Torch requires a meaning, symbology, and representation. Pass 'em out.


First time round, introduce each character and their Conflict.

Afterwards, rotate through characters as you please, running them until you roll a Trial. Then immediately move on.

In A Scene

Narrate freely until someone contests something you're doing, or it is an obvious component of your Ordeal. See Vincent's List entry for objection procedure, I'm too tired to look it up. When you express a Trait, earn a drop of Fuel.

When you're contested, tag somebody to narrate for your resistance; if it's an owned character then its owner narrates. Check for Allies. At this point anyone may focus the Trial, see below. Else, continue. Each other player may offer a Torch to one of you. If you accept, they outline the Torch's relevance in the conflict and the recipient narrates it formally. Roll your side's Traits + Torches against your Ordeal's. Your opponent assigns you a new Trait if you lose; you expend a Trait, losing it, and drop the Importance of the Obstacle, and the next one containing it for each 2 excess margin, by 1.

Caring About It: You can spend X Fuel before rolling a Trial to multiply dice contribution from Torches by X.

Allies: You can spend X Fuel, X = some other person's Ordeal's Importance, to nest that Ordeal into the one you're in right now; you get involved in his story for its duration, and you both add your Traits together to roll against it.

Focus: Spend X Fuel to turn a Trial into an Ordeal X. This can only occur once per scene; several players may share the cost.


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